Terms of Service

General provisions.

  • Regulations shall mean Regulations concerning the usage of Sync Video Internet services.
  • The service provider shall be sync-video.com, hereinafter referred to as "Sync Video".
  • These Regulations shall determine conditions and the scope relating the approved usage of the Internet sites found under the following addresses: sync-video.com, www.sync-video.com hereinafter referred to as Sync Video websites.
  • Within the meaning of the Regulations the User shall be the subject ordering Sync Video to provide services by using provided services, or filling the electronic registration form available on Sync Video website or form available in other places on Sync Video websites.
  • The User shall be a legal entity, or a physical entity conducting business activity, and accepting provisions of these regulations.
  • Users using sites, of which mention has been made in point I.3 of these Regulations, shall be obliged to observe the provisions of these regulations.
  • This document shall be the Regulations, of which mention has been made in art. 8 of the act of 18 July 2002, journal of Laws 2002.144.1204 on providing services by electronic means – hereinafter referred to as the “Act”.
  • Sync Video shall administer websites, of which mention has been made in point I.3.
  • The content of Sync Video websites shall be owned by Sync Video or other entities and shall be legally protected.
  • Unless it has been indicated otherwise, users of Sync Video websites shall have the right to browse Sync Video sites and save them in arbitrary form solely for personal usage.
  • By using Sync-Video service you also agree to abide Google Privacy policy

The scope and type of provided services.

  • Sync Video shall provide Services within the following scope:
    • Chatting, and watching videos hosted by YouTube or Vimeo, synchronized with other users, in destinated rooms.
    • Creating, and managing account
  • Providing services by Sync Video by electronic means shall be realized with tools available on Sync Video websites.
  • Ordering services provided by Sync Video shall be performed through Sync Video User Panel, which shall especially enable access to:
    • changing password
    • changing chat nickname

Technical requirements and conditions indispensable to operate the Sync Video system.

  • In order to activate and use Sync Video websites it shall be crucial to have a computer connected to the Internet, with Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Internet browser or a similar one, with activated JavaScript function and cookie options.
  • Sync Video shall reserve the right to leave slight text information, the so-called cookie files, in the computer system of the User, or other files with the same function.

Obligation to comply with law.

  • The User shall be obliged to use the service in a manner not defaulting the rights of any third party (personal rights, copyright), good manners or legal regulations, as well as shall be held responsible for the manner of using the service by third parties to whom the User shall make the service available.
  • In case when Sync Video shall obtain information stating that the User uses the service not according to Regulations or legal regulations, Sync Video shall have the right to process personal data of the User in order to establish his responsibility, as well as submit these data to proper public authority organs.
  • In case of obtaining reliable information about illegal character of the data that the User keeps on the server, Sync Video shall have the right to disable access to these data, as well as block the provided service, and inform proper prosecuting authorities.
  • The User shall be obliged to cooperate within the scope of fighting illegally acting users, whom the User provides the service, especially to provide information about them, which can enable to identify the user and inform proper public authority organs.

Obligations and responsibility of the User.

  • The User shall be obliged to inform Sync Video about any changes posing influence on observing the statements of these regulations.
  • Sync Video shall have the right to immediately cease the provision of service to the given User if:
    • The User shall infringe the regulations.
    • The User shall use the service without following the anticipated objective and determined parameters of the service.
    • The User shall act to the detriment of Sync Video, other Sync Video users or Internet users.
  • Users are not allowed to spam; abuse or insult other users. Violators will be banned from this service.

Obligations and responsibility of Sync Video.

  • Sync Video shall be obliged to provide services within the full scope and with due diligence. Sync Video shall not be held responsible for failure to perform or improper performance of the service due to reasons caused by other entities.
  • Sync Video shall reserve the right to change the service at any time, which shall cover adding, modifying or removing certain functions.
  • Sync Video shall reserve the right to change prices for services.
  • Sync Video shall not provide any guarantee as far as the propriety of the data collected in the Service, their potential damage or loss are concerned.
  • The current version of the regulations shall be always available at the following address: http://sync-video.com/tos.

Personal data.

  • Sync Video shall have the right to process personal data of the User that shall be essential to realize the service.
  • Sync Video does not log or store chat messages.

Complaint procedures.

Complaint filed by the User in relation with failure to perform or inappropriate performance of the service should be sent to Sync Video by means of Sync Video email address availible in page footer, and should determine:
  • data of the User making it possible to contact the User and enabling his identification as Sync Video User,
  • the type of service the claim concerns,
  • time and place of the event, which constitutes the foundation of the complaint,
  • claims stated by the User,
  • circumstances supporting the complaint,
  • possible demanded manner of deleting the imputed infringement.
Sync Video shall be obliged to send a written response to the complaint to the electronic address, within 7 days from the day when the complaint was obtained, indicating whether Sync Video recognizes the complaint, as well as informing about the manner of settling the situation, or informing about lack of grounds to consider the claim, stating the justification of such position. In case when it shall be essential to explain additional circumstances related with services provided for Sync Video by entities, for which Sync Video cannot be held responsible, Sync Video shall send information about the necessity to explain these circumstances within 7 days.

Final provisions.

  • We do not claim any ownership rights in the text, files, images, video, sounds, works of authorship, name, logotype, or other materials owned and/or hosted by Youtube or Vimeo service owners.
  • The contract between the User and Sync Video shall be governed by Polish law. The Parties shall be obliged to observe the current Polish legislation.
  • Services can be provided solely to Users, who use Sync Video website, according to provisions of these Regulations.
  • All disputes that may result from contracts between the User and Sync Video, concerning provision of services by Sync Video, which cannot be solved within the scope of complaint procedure, shall be adjudicated by the Polish common court, proper for the seat of Sync Video Company.
  • Sync Video shall reserve the right to block the service and dissolve the contract for providing server service in Sync Video in case when the User should not follow the Regulations or legal provisions.
  • The Regulations shall be in force since 01.08.2013.